Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golden Moments in Parenting #42

This morning was one of those times that remind me that lurking under my usually calm exterior is a crazy woman. I was not at my best, shall we say.

Big-D entered Junior Kindergarten at the beginning of the month. Since we are too far from his school to walk he is eligible to take the school bus. However, as a family we decided that I would be dropping him off and picking him up. One of my main fears was he is too young and too easily distracted. I had visions of him not remembering which stop was his.

I changed my mind about the bus this week when it dawned on me that he is missing out on a valuable opportunity for socialization with other kids. So I overcame my concerns (or so I thought) and signed him up for the bus starting today.

Mike delayed going to work so he could help navigate the first morning catching the bus. I had been working myself up into a bundle of nerves since last night and by the time we walked to the bus stop I was fit to be tied.

I knew from dropping Big-D off at school that a teacher (not necessarily his) greets the bus and directs the kindergarten children into the playground while the older kids go directly into the school. I was worried that since he hadn’t been on the bus prior to today whomever was there to greet the bus wouldn’t know where he was meant to be.

So I started to quiz him on his class and his teacher’s name.

Big-D looked at me blankly. For the last couple of weeks he wouldn’t stop talking about how much fun he was having in Miss S’s kindergarten class. Today – the sound of crickets.


He got on without incident but I had a horrible feeling that since the bus driver didn’t know him something would go terribly wrong. So I did what any mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown would do – I drove to his school to see him get off the bus.

And then later I drove back to the school to see him get on the bus. Oh the shame.

Then, as if I hadn’t been stalking him all morning, I picked him up at the bus stop. At first I didn’t see him on the bus and got VERY worried that something had happened. Perhaps I should have followed the bus when it left the school instead of rushing away before the teacher could see me lurking the parking lot. But there he was – like taking the bus was no big thing. Yeah, right, perhaps not for HIM.

Poor kid. Today’s behaviour does not bode well for when he gets his driver’s license.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Peachy

It was a cold, wet, and dreary morning here in Ottawa. Just a few short weeks ago we were surrounded by heat and humidity. The summer here was amazing and we sat out on the patio for dinner as much as possible.

It was during one of those dinners that I let the thought of winter creep into my mind. The long and cold months of December to March can get so tedious, especially when it comes to mealtime. The selection of fresh fruit and veg just isn’t there and I get so bored of serving carrots, parsnips, cabbage, and potatoes.

The thought of facing several months without the sweet tomatoes I just picked off our plants in the backyard or not being able to go to the farmers’ market to buy amazing Niagara peaches prompted me into action. I will try canning and preserving!

I felt very homestead-y as I went about making jams and preparing peaches in syrup. I just wish I had started earlier in the summer so I could have preserved some of the early fruit like strawberries.

Nevertheless, I am now a convert to this old-school style of preparing and eating food. And hopefully those canned peaches sitting in my basement waiting to be opened in the middle of winter will bring back those lovely memories of the summer that just passed.

Niagara Peaches - one of the best things about summer.

Pictures taken by hubby who did a great job.

Jars warming in the canner.

In they go.

All ready for sterilization in the canner.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I have the best of intentions when it comes to blogging this time round. I really do. But just as I got rolling we encountered “Hell Week” around here. Don’t get me wrong, most of what happened during that week was wonderful and exciting but it was a lot to jam into one week.

It all started with Mike’s birthday, quickly followed by his first day at his new job. Then Big D started Junior Kindergarten. Later that day my mom arrived from the West Coast for a visit. Thankfully Grandma was in town because the next day we needed a sitter so Mike and I could go out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Then the day after, we had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ in honour of C-Rex’s first birthday.

Perhaps calling it “Hell Week” is too harsh but saying I was busy just doesn’t cut it.

The only negative thing that happened during this crazy week was coming to the bitter realization that we have to buy a new car. We started looking for a new vehicle when we were told that the repairs we needed on our Jeep were going to cost twice as much as it is worth. Sigh.

Just as things were about to calm down Big D brought home his first cold of the school season and promptly gave it to me. And being all fuzzy on cold medication really isn’t great for blog posts.

The fact that I’ve been able to write this much actually shocks me considering how I feel. But more is coming soon – promise.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Return of the Ass Cheerio

Whether you are on maternity leave or staying at home with your kids full-time, many women I know, me among them, struggle to capture just a bit of how we looked in our former lives. Many of us were used to wearing suits, heels, and designer purses before we traded them in for jeans, T-shirts, and diaper bags. We try our best, with our limited time and energy, to stay presentable but I’d say we’ve had to lower our expectations somewhat.

In my case, I would like to think that spit up is the new black or pureed bananas all over my shirt is a new fashion trend. Necessity is the mother of invention, is it not? Or is it making a virtue out of necessity? Whatever it is, it still doesn’t change the fact that there is no putting a positive spin on the Ass Cheerio.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you don’t have kids. As all moms know, when our little ones start to eat finger food, the Cheerios we so often give them make a beeline for our butts. Just as mashed peas wind up on our tops, Cheerios wind up on our posteriors. And while we are able to see the peas and clean them up, an Ass Cheerio can stay with us ALL DAY LONG until the husband shows up from work and points it out (it is like NASA has had a hand in making Cheerios because once attached they can withstand almost anything.)

Based on the age of my youngest son, I’d say I have at least another year of dealing with the sneaky snack. So if you see me at the grocery store wearing cereal instead of buying it, please don’t laugh, just pity me.